iPhone Xr — Elma Şekeri

Apple iPhone Xr’nin derinlemesine incelemesi, test ve karşılaştırmaları.

This is iform 10r is basically the candy
apple of iphone 10 series it looks
and it comes in six flavors it is apples
secret weapon and it is a big deal let
me explain
not many phone manufacturers or
customers seem to realize this but Apple
created what I can only describe as a
jewelry category since iPhone 10 and
that category got way more established
with iPhone tennis and tennis max
especially with the gold color
imagine a gold iPhone sitting on a
nightstand with expensive jewelry next
to it – tennis belongs there it is
classy it just fits elegantly now try to
imagine the same thing with the gym
shower like frosted glass pixel three
with its mint plastic button and it’s
def notch face not to mention the goofy
model names see what I mean but all that
beauty just like the jewelry comes with
a big price tag

and that’s where this comes in the
iPhone 10 are it starts from seven
hundred and forty nine dollars and if
you’re planning to buy one please pay
fifty dollars more and get at least a
hundred and twenty eight gigabyte
version ten are comes in this classic
iphone box inside the box we’re greeted
with the usual suspects some papers
stickers like the ones Trader Joe’s
gives to your kid toothpick blow dryer
for Smurfs USB to lightning cable and
once again this five watt charger and no
headphone to lightning adapter but let’s
not think about that now let’s take a
look at the most important test of all
the sizzle test okay
I’m sorry to interrupt your ASMR but
these phones they just have to come with
the fast charger I mean I understand in
its thanos like balance it makes sense I
get it
tennis didn’t come with the fast charger
so why would the cheaper iPhone would
like I get it okay let’s go it’s me
again look I have been using wireless
headphones for a real long time now so
whenever I hear someone complaining
about the headphone jack it sounds to me
like an old-timer complaining about post
Malone status I’m on board with you
headphone jack is the ps2 port from 1987
I get it III okay nevermind let’s go
but if someone is buying an iPhone let
them have the best iPhone experience put
the fast charger break in the box with
the USBC to lightning cable and throw
that headphone jack adapter back in
there as well I mean they’re gone aren’t
they well actually this is kind of why I
like them a lot while other companies go
oh where would you like me to put the
fingerprint scanner back you down you up
there I’ll do it okay is there anything
you like
meanwhile these guys hey put that
headphone jack back and they’re like no
no you know what we’re gonna remove it
from the box how about that do you like
iPhone 10 art has 6.1 inch display so it
is bigger than this guy but it is not as
big as this guy but it is thicker the
body is 7000 series aluminum the glass
at the front is same as iPhone tennis
which is pretty strong and the one at
the back is stronger than iPhone 10 but
not as strong as iPhone 10s it has the
same 7 nanometre six core 1/12 Bionic
chip which you may remember from iPhone
10s models it has 3 gigabytes of RAM
which is a gigabyte less than the tennis
models the front-facing camera is yes
you guess it it is from the tennis
models but when it comes to the real
camera we don’t see the traffic light
design because 10 are only has the
wide-angle camera we’ll be talking about
that more later when it comes to
benchmarks iPhone 10 R is Dancing with
the thousand dollar club without even
breaking a sweat when we put the phones
in low power mode nothing surprising is
moving over to compute score 10 are once
again is head-to-head with tennis and
tennis max and actually a little ahead
in low power mode when it comes to
graphics bench test during on screen
test iPhone 10 are blue
to everyone away and just like tennis
and tennis max it showed no sign of
overheating after all these tests so
what does all that mean well when we
launched this updated version of the
awful game fortnight iPhone 10 our
launches the game in just 37 seconds
we’re not 9 in HD + resolution launches
the same game in 1 minute and six
seconds it has the same face ID the
faster face ID we know from iphone
tennis and tennis max which is great
this actually makes a lot of difference
you feel the difference when it’s time
to use the Apple pay the civil megapixel
F 2.2 front-facing camera is same as
iPhone 10s and 10’s backs so it has
image stabilization smart HDR bokeh and
depth control and just like the Golden
Girls 10 our can shoot 1080p 60 frames
per second video with its front facing
camera and also it has to be stereo so
let’s test to say hey hey hey how you
doing okay I hope that sounded really
good it looks really good on the screen
but now I’m curious if we can fool this
back camera and the reason I’m saying
that is because this 12 megapixel F 1.8
camera from iPhone 10s performs the
portrait mode feature using
computational photography because there
is no telephoto lens the two drawbacks
are you can only take photos of people
I’m sure they’re gonna add cats soon and
there is no stage light and stage like
mono in real cameras portrait mode that
is why I had to trick this computational
photography and I did there you go there
you go portrait mode we can go into it
and change the bokeh value and it acts
accordingly to the lens
I formed 10r has it doesn’t try to mimic
the telephoto lens which is what this is
shot with this is shot with the
wide-angle lens so it’s trying to mimic
wide-angle lens would do front-facing
camera or it’s great no problem there
as you can see I can actually see the
aperture in real life this feature is
gonna come very soon but front-facing
camera we have all the modes and their
live view switch to back in the portrait
mode we don’t have all the only natural
lights to delight and contour light and
of course just like 10s 10 our shoots
beautiful video these are cool but there
is something cooler with great
processing power and great camera comes
great a are an iPhone 10 R does that
pretty good and there is you can look at
it in 360 you can get close to it or you
can tap on this AR
and just place it right there and you
can start walking around it I love AR
and I love that Apple is passionate
about it as well
seeing this bicycle being rendered in
real time in front of my eyes is pretty
impressive also you can pinch in or out
to change the size of the item you’re
looking at what is this a bicycle for
ends no I think I can make it big I can
make it small let’s make it big are they
gonna tow it telling companies he needs
to go at least bicycles taking too much
space when it comes to white stereo and
speaker tests
I thought iPhone 10 R and 10’s sounded
very close what do you think
don’t you know you meant to fall in the

we have to talk about the display which
is claimed depressing by a
whippersnapper where the points about
the pixel density valid or was he just
writing the sweet Apple hate rain which
brings easy clicks let’s talk about that
have you ever looked at an iPad pro
screen and thought wow those damn and
pixels are hurting my eyes no right well
an iPad pro screen density is 264 pixels
per inch this is 326 pixel per inch
which is same as iPhone 4 4 is 5 5 s 6 6
s 7 & 8 but at the same time it’s not
the same screen the contrast ratio got
better the brightness got better screen
used to be as RGB now it’s white color
it has true tone display so it
definitely is not the same display as
iPhone 4 go and check it out you’ll see
it for yourself but compared to all it
yes if you really want to see the pixels
I actually I actually cannot see the
pixels but maybe you can sadly it’s not
HDR it doesn’t have the high contrast
ratio but it’s not all bad news since it
is not all that it doesn’t flicker and
the screen doesn’t burn in time since
the resolution is lower it actually
consumes less power and less processing
power and it is cheaper to be fixed if
you break it without warranty the only
situation that you’re gonna feel that
this screen is not good enough for you
is if you put this in a VR glass and
wear on your head then all that screen
is definitely what you should go with
but all that screen will flicker in your
face so it’s sharper it flickers not as
sharp doesn’t flicker Michael
is this it is just like an iPhone 8
screen but only better
it has new backlight with 2.5 times more
LEDs and tap to wake on an LED screen
for the first time just look at this
close-up of iPhone 10 our next to
frosted shower door pixel 3 look look
with your special eyes now let’s make
things more interesting and go beyond
what we can see with our bare eyes let’s
put a 10x macro lens on iPhone 10s is 2x
telephoto lens and compared 10 are two
10s max now I’m not gonna label which
one is which so we can judge with our
eyes but not with our minds damn that
was deep it doesn’t have force touch but
when you hold your finger over stuff it
acts like for starch and now if you like
to move the cursor around you just hold
your finger over space and there you go
you can move the cursor around now I’ll
be using tennis max ever since the day
it came out and the battery life of 10 x
max it’s just fantastic but when it
comes to this because of the screen and
all the optimization that we love the
battery lasts even longer
according to Tom’s guide it lasted 11
hours and 26 minutes which is not 9
level battery life iPhone Tanner has
ip67 water resistance it’s not 68 you
can put it under 1 meter water for 30
minutes it can be tea coffee whatever
just rinse it afterwards and let it dry
and never plug your charging cable while
it’s still wet it’s putting a wireless
charger if you really need to it doesn’t
have gigabit LT it does have it has the
advanced LTE and it supports dual SIM
actually they call it dual but with ease
him you can actually add more than one
line so you can have three lines in this
phone if you like I’ve been thinking a
what our intent R stands for because
Apple seems to put a lot of thoughts
into these devices I think since iPhone
10 their smartphone game is at a brand
new level
apart from couple of sacrifices this
phone is a fantastic device with its
speed face ID a our a our and other
features and the price so yes this
device may not be the Batman but it sure
is the Robin and that’s what the R
stands for

Amanda Jo Nagle