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  • What does iPhonedo mean?
    iPhonedo comes from “iPhone Dō”. Dō (道) Means road, channel, path, doctrine, or similar. In Japanese Dō also means dicipline. For more information visit WikiPedia.

    iPhonedo’s “do” is pronounced like Teakwondo. Phonetically it sounds like iPhone-tho.
    iphonedoThis is the very first logo of iPhonedo.


    Editor-in-chief: Faruk Korkmaz
    Executive Editors: Amanda Nagle, Scott Ashforth, Ashley Ashforth


  • iPhonedo links

    Website: www.iPhonedo.com (coming soon)
    YouTube: www.youtube.com/iPhonedo
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/iPhonedo
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/iPhonedo
    All the rest of the links: www.iPhonedo.com/contact


  • iPhonedo since when?
    iPhonedo was found in Istanbul, Turkey shortly after the very first iPhone released in 2007. It started as a blog where the untidy sea of information was gathered, sorted and organized.

    When iPhonedo started its life it had couple of members. In time due to work schedules all other members had to pause their contribution to the blog except the founder of the blog who ended up with the nickname iPhonedo.

    Shortly after that, iPhonedo moved to Los Angeles, CA and opened up a YouTube account for iPhonedo. Ever since that iPhonedo has been expanding slowly but surely.

    iPhonedo achieved so much for a tiny -one person- channel. During Apple Store opening in Istanbul, iPhonedo fans showed up with iPhonedo logos and chanted the channel’s name.

    During a hard time in Turkey, iPhonedo released a song to call people to peace and all the income from that song got donated to cancer foundation.

    iPhonedo released 2 albums, 1 single and 1 EP which became #1 on iTunes Turkey in couple of hours.

    iPhonedo has an unbelievably strong bond between his fans even tough they are on different continents. He has been anonymous and never showed his face until 2015.

    By the end of 2014 the channel became a bigger part of iPhonedo’s life, and couple of iPhonedo fans suggested switching the channel to English. By doing so the channel would meet much broader audience and may result in making the channel stand on its feet.

    After months of planning and thinking and research iPhonedo announced “iPhonedo 5.0” which was the title of the new iPhonedo. On top of that iPhonedo revealed himself and closed the anonymity page forever.

    The big change of course caused a lot of different opinions but the channel started growing globally faster than planned. Despite the fact that a lot of fans left, unsubscribed from iPhonedo the number of new subscribers were so much that the number of total subscribers kept climbing.

    2015 is expected to be a slow transition to what’s yet to come.
    And so far everything is progressing beyond expectations.


  • What was happening before iPhonedo?
    iPhonedo has always been in the technology world. Before iPhonedo there was Nokia Turkey where almost exactly the same format was active. Reviewing products and writing songs about them.

    This was the theme music from Nokia Turkey (2004).


  • Who is iPhonedo what’s with so many nicknames?
    Nicknames came in time AyDede (Grandfather Moon) came from iDede as in iPhone. Dede means grandfather. Referring to iPhonedo’s age!!!

    You may see so many nicknames for iPhonedo, most of them were given by the fans.



  • What is Ayfondo?
    Good question! Ayfondo is what iPhonedo sounds like in Turkish. So even though they sound the same, Ayfondo is iPhonedo’s only music channel.

    It is based on experimental musical works and some songs taken from the original iPhonedo videos.


  • What to expect from iPhonedo?
    Good question again! Thank you! First of all iPhonedo is very different from a lot of technology reviewing pioneers out in the tubes of internets. iPhonedo is still one person doing all the work. Doesn’t use clikbait and doesn’t say anything about any product because he’s asked to. All of iPhonedo’s reviews and opinions are based on his own taste.

    iPhonedo is not a technical service. For issues with your products contact the brand that is written on that product.

    iPhonedo exists to entertain and have a good time.
    iPhonedo is not associated with any brand, cooperation or person.


  • Is iPhonedo an Apple addict?
    No, iPhonedo loves all the technology out there, competition is wonderful. So yay for all the different brands out there! There are much much more important matters than being a fanatic. But yes, iPhonedo prefers Apple products. The name iPhonedo was chosen because none of these other technologies and os’ existed back then.


  • What are the social media links for iPhonedo?
    You can find all of them here: http://www.iphonedo.net/baglantilar/

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