Apple Watch 4

4. Nesil Apple Watch’ın derinlemesine incelemesi ve 3. nesil ile karşılaştırması.

Watching September 2018 keynote was like
watching Bruce Almighty you watch it
because it said Jim Carrey movie but as
you’re walking out of the theater Uriel
has you actually laughed the hardest at
Steve Carell the same thing happened at
the keynote we watched it because it was
a – event but when this beauty with its
new features bigger display and arc
reactor like backside was announced it
simply stole the show and series for
Apple watch comes in this newly designed
box inside the box there are two more
boxes one for the band and one for the
watch the black sport band seems a
little grey but also it feels softer
inside the watch’s box we’re greeted
with some papers wireless charging cable
and the nightmare that I cannot wake up
from the five watt charger the watch
comes in this nice sleeve which is a
nice touch the new tweaks in design and
the ceramic sapphire crystal back looks
beautiful this thing is 44 millimeters
which is 2 millimetres bigger than
Series 3 watch with its rounded edges
the display area is bigger it is thinner
it has 64-bit dual-core s4 processor
which is 2 times faster than previous s3
processor and it has 16 gigabyte of
storage but is it any better than Series
3 watch 2 3 both of these watches are at
the factory settings and both of them
have watch OS 5 installed when you
turned them on series for Apple watch
boots in almost half the time series 3
boots when you hit reset series 4 resets
to watch in half the time compared to
series 3 watch but when it comes to
restoring from the same backup
series for Apple watch finishes the task
in three minutes and 41 seconds which is
almost 10 minutes faster than Series
three Apple watch 10 minutes needless to
say the app launch times are faster the
new heart sensor seems to be working
faster and the new speakers are louder
but are they loud enough all right now
you don’t have to say Siri when you just
raise your watch you can talk to it this
is nice
what’s the weather like what’s the
weather like today degrees
what’s the weather like nice weather
coming up today I’m degrees oh it’s the
performs during a phone call hello
can you please our claim you can’t hear
me well well I can hear you well as well
can you tell me something
like harder to understand books oh no
your boat yeah I got now you should come
here and I should go there you should
put put your phone on speaker so we see
the thing right so good I still hear you
yeah it’s just as if you’re on the phone
I can’t tell it you’re on the watch
versus the phone it sounds a little
closer like you’re closer to the
microphone are you on the phone now yeah
so ia there’s a difference I hear I hear
background noise okay I’ll see you soon
now it’s put the watch to LTE for this
I’m just gonna turn my phone into
airplane mode what’s gonna happen is
it’s gonna lose the connection says
disconnected there you go
LTE connection established now call my
wife hello can you hear me good is it
tell me something really long this is
something I wrote the other day
to the valley of the shadow of death
take a look at myself and realize this
nothing worse cuz I’ve been pressing and
laughing so long that even my mama
thinks that my mind is gone but I never
crossed a man that didn’t deserve it may
be treated like a punk you know that’s
unheard of you wrote that Wow
I’m really impressed back time feedback
that feedback quality technology review
what else do you want what else can you
we’re still on LTE and I want to see the
let’s go to another app wonderful talk
about an LTE tasting tasting yep your
Maps flowers working really well
I wish we had speed test for the watch
so there’s haptic feedback at the crown
feels good but it’s not what I expected
but you still get that sensation and
it’s nice but it’s gonna be a little
different than what you imagined it
would feel like one of the most
impressive things about this watch is
ECG electrocardiogram which is not
activated yet it will be activated soon
and what it is you’ll be able to rest
your finger on the crown and the ECG app
will tell you about your heart and how
many times it has been broken Apple
watch also has low heart rate monitor
this thing is looking out for you also
it has brand new faces info graph and
info graph modular is packed with
information the fire water vapor and
liquid metal is very nice to look at if
you like to see complications with these
faces you need to change the effect from
full screen to circular if a graph and
info graph modular is available only on
series for Apple watch also there is no
fullscreen option on the vapor fire
metal faces on watches other than series
4 by the way these watch faces are not
computer generated it is films they
actually did those things I’m gonna
leave a link in the description box
below or a card here you should go and
check that out it’s very interesting
series for Apple watch has a new
accelerometer and it is great but with
great accelerometer comes great fall
detection now this watch can understand
when you fall down it will ask you if
you’re okay and then it can alert people
the watch is a great way to track my
activities and my workouts I use it all
the time but for some reason series for
Apple watch felt
more comfortable during the workout I
don’t know if this is related to the
design but I liked it a lot
series 1 and 2 Apple watch to me were
more like a second monitor that is on my
wrist with the third series it was like
an emergency form and a second monitor
as you can guess normally I’m glued to
my fault I never want to leave it but
with these series for Apple watch I
think I’m kind of fine with it I mean I
wouldn’t leave my phone at home but if I
did accidentally I could just turn on
walkie-talkie and start talking with my
friends until they get extremely annoyed
with me in the end I think this is my
favorite Apple product right now my
favorite Apple product has been the air
pods for the longest time but I think it
is now series for Apple watch and air

Scott Ashforth