iPhone Xs Max ve Xs

Karşınızda iPhone Xs Max ve Xs’in derinlemesine incelemesi, kutu açılışı ve karşılaştırmaları.

After 10 months the iPhone 10 that got sold out in 10 minutes got removed from the Apple Store like a tenant getting kicked out without notice only to be replaced almost 10 days later by iPhone 10s and 10’s snacks the new iPhones that were announced 10 in the morning on a set 10 birthday and kids that’s how the
iPhone 10 became iPhone X but that’s ok because I love s and I cannot lie I put as a design change with every new number and then they perfect it with the S phase think about it iPhone 3G 4 5 6 7 all had new design and a new issue that they fixed later in the S series except for iPhone 10 no one talked about this but iPhone 10 was the first new design that didn’t have any sensational gate also an S comes out you can find a lot of accessories because it’s been out for a year 10 months in this case this case Isis is kind of like the reward for those who like to wait it is the iPhone I recommend always I was very unhappy with the names when I first heard it but I think I know what Apple is doing they’re getting out of that confusion game at 6 6 s 1 plus 6s plus now you’re just walking in you go I want that Mac’s ex pinkie and boom Tim is your uncle all right we’ve been chatting for almost two minutes let’s get to unboxing and here it is actually here they are iPhone tennis and tennis max comes in this nicely designed boxes you can take the wrapping off kindly normally or you can just cut it open inside the box you’re greeted with the usual suspects papers which hints wireless charging pad stickers toothpick blow-dryer for Smurfs USB to lightning cable 5 watt charge 5 watt what I really wanted to have a fast charger with this device it didn’t need to be a 30 watt charger it could have been something small like what Samson comes with a 15 watt charger would have been enough I also wanted to see a USBC 2 lightning cable and in case you don’t have a wireless headphone Apple also removed the $9 headphone jack adapter because courage but now it’s time for the most important test the sizzle test oh yeah that’s the stuff iPhone tennis and tennis Max’s body is stainless steel and it has physical vapor deposition coating on it it has a newly formulated glass and Apple says it is sturdier than iPhone 10 iPhone 10’s has five point eight 10s max has 6.5
inch 458 PPI display and if you’re wondering why there are scanning lines on these screens like your grandmother’s TV in our kitchen it’s simply because these screens are made by Samsung but don’t worry this is not something you can see with your bare eyes but if I slow down the footage you can see how much they flicker on the other hand a you can see iPhone 8 and 8 plus that are in the middle have LCD screens and they don’t flicker at all iPhone tennis and tennis max has the 2.5 gigahertz 7
nanometers 6 core 1/12 Bionic chip which makes iphone 10s the first 7 nanometre smartphone on the
market which is a big deal actually the CPU benchmark results show that iPhone tennis and tennis max is faster but the real difference shows itself when you run the same tests while the phones are
in the low power mode when it comes t compute scores iPhone 10s and 10’s max is ahead again actually in the low power mode the 10s is sis’s score is higher than the others regular score after the long GFX bench test
the ACE series once again scored higher and after all these tests these forms did not overheat now if you’re wondering what all those numbers mean in real life let me show you what happens when you launch the Justin Bieber of video games fortnight iPhone tennis launches the game in just 29 seconds where No 9 launches it in almost a minute regardless of its screen resolution I thought tennis spikes has the biggest battery in an iPhone on the other hand iPhone 10’s is battery is smaller than
iPhone but because the devices are more power efficient it should last longer according to Apple iPhone tennis and tennis max has faster face ID but it still doesn’t work when you hold it sideways and to see how faster it is first I tried turning the screens on at the same time but that I’m not sure if it gives you a proper comparison that’s why I like to turn them on one by one so there you go it’s almost twice as faster

Faruk Korkmaz